Okay, y'all, I need some help.  I'm trying to outline a superhero story, and for hero-related reasons, I'd really like my villain to be a shapeshifter.

The thing is, I can only think of sneaky-infiltration type plots for shapeshifters, and that doesn't mesh with my superhero (she's a little more, hmm, think Wonder Woman or Spider-Man instead of Batman or Daredevil).

I am fully capable of pulling full-blown ideas out of tiny bits, so large or small, what kind of villainous deeds might a shapeshifter commit?

PS: it's set in the modern USA, in a world that's accustomed to superheroes.  I'd like to avoid such overdone, boring schemes as "taking over the world," "blowing up something big and important" and "creating new real estate from radioactive minerals."


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