Hi all!  It's been awhile since we had some activity here.

I'm working on editing my book, and I'm drawing a blank on...... sort of brotherly fighting.

Here's the situation (this is all in the past, backstory for one of my POV characters):

I have two guys, who aren't actually brothers, who live on a pirate ship. The captain has a kind of Peter Pan complex, and tends to take kids in on his ship. The younger boy (Y) was about two when he got on, the older boy (O) got on about eight years later, when he was 12 (Y would have been about 8). O is a bit of a scientist (using the technology from their world), and Y is more the adventurer type, and the favorite of the captain ("father"). The "mother" is also a scientist, and kind of a mentor for O. Y did all sorts of things that irritated O, like playing with his experiments, stabbing his notes, etc. and usually got away with nothing more than a slap on the wrist because the captain likes him, and he's just being a kid. The "mother" is kind of on O's side, but still isn't going to treat Y too harshly (And these aren't the only people in the boat, or even the "family", just the most relevant ones).

What kind fantasies so you think O might have for taking revenge on Y? I'm at a point over a decade later, where O is seeing Y again for the first time in a decade, and Y is fast asleep. Unfortunately, all the revenge fantasies I can think of are probably a little too extreme for O (i.e. slitting his throat, tying him up and presenting him as a trophy....actually, I think most of the others involve death. O's a little dark.) The setting (alt-world, sort of technologically based on late 19th century America) doesn't really allow for him drawing on Y's face with a marker, which is about the only non-extreme idea I can come up with. Also, he is looking for Y, on the captain's command, but not exactly looking forward to seeing him again. 

Any ideas are welcome, even extreme ones. Considering what his captain wants, I don't think he's actually going to play out any of his fantasies - he doesn't really have time, and he doesn't want Y to see him -  but I thought it would be nice for him to reflect on a couple of them. 
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