Ok, this isn't so much a brainstorming question as advice.

If you have a short story that takes place over 3 days, and you have something important happening on the first day, and on the third day, what do you do with the second?

Would you try to find something interesting to go in the second day? Or would you gloss over or skip it entirely?

EDIT: Thanks, guys, for all the ideas! I didn't think about how vague I was being, but it was really me being curious in general as to how you'd handle a situation like that. For extra context, if you'd like, it's a short story that's sort of a prequel to a novel I'm planning, and involves how two of the characters meet for the first time. On the first day, they meet. On the second day, they do stuff together, and on the third day, something happens. Since I'm writing this partially for my own benefit, and to get a sense of the characters, I think I'll write out what I can of the second day, and then cut it out if need be. I've already got the first day done, which already has a bit of glossing over it, so just need to finish the other two.

By the way, is everyone all right with my editing the original entry to show that it's resolved, or would you need me to respond to your comments individually? (Obviously, discussion about specific comments should go with those, but I thought this might be better for overall.) Let me know what you think.



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