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So, the picture book that I accidentally wrote has a not-so-bright robot as the main character.  Right now he's named after Dummy, one of Tony Stark's bots in the Iron Man movies, but he needs a name all his own.  My Dummy helps his friend in their workshop--fetching tools, etc.

I'm looking for a two syllable name, soft, preferably ending in the -ee (e, ie, y) sound, that isn't a human name.  Think pet names.  The robotic inspirations are Dummy and WALL-E, both of which fit all the name properties I'm looking for.

(Yes, I know WALL-E/Wally is a human name, but the spelling and the rarity of the name in use make it workable.)

Any suggestions or good pet name websites would be incredibly helpful!

Crossposted on writers and wristerstorm, 'cause I need all the help I can get.  Thanks!
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Maybe Tinker would work, as something tinkered together?
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From: [personal profile] paganpaul

Maybe something like Dinky then (from Dinky toys)?
Good luck with the search, names can be dreadful to find.
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From: [personal profile] magycmyste

Slinky just popped into my head now, though again, that probably depends on how your robot moves...
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From: [personal profile] magycmyste

There's Dopey, which goes in line with the not-so-bright theme, but that's also a Disney dwarf.

Rolly? Shiny? Rusty?
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From: [personal profile] magycmyste

Oops, forgot about the Dalmatian. Darn it, Disney!

Good luck finding a name!
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From: [personal profile] crazybone

Wonky? Alternate spelling: Wonkee

From wonky -Adjective

Crooked; off-center; askew.
(of a thing) Unsteady; shaky: "sitting on wonky stools".


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