This's a urban fantasy setting set in recent day New York, with supernaturals such as faerie and mages.
There're three main characters, a social worker suddenly can see the supernaturals, a college student with faerie heritage and a mage who's also a hacker. Right now  it has two main plotlines: different vampires who compete with each other to be the prince of New York, and two factions of mages are in a magical equivalent of nuclear race. However, I can't find a way to connect them. I think of eliminating the vampire plot, but I really like the idea of vampires as a common enemy to bind my main characters together. It also allows me to have a vampire as an unreliable ally who sometimes gets my characters into trouble for his purpose, so I'd prefer to make the vampire plot a bit larger. So help?
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Is there any reason one of the vampire princes(?) couldn't try to ally himself with one of the rival mage factions to get his hands on their "nukes" and beat out the other guy?

That's the best I've got right off of the top of my head… Could you tell us any more about the vampires, the mages, and particularly your hacker mage?
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However, the vampire in case is getting more knowledge as he keeps track of my main characters.

Why is the vampire tracking them in the first place? If he's tracking them and becoming aware of the fact that other supernaturals exist, as you say, why wouldn't he try to use that knowledge to further his own goals?

What about what you've just said keeps these plots from connecting the way you want them to? (It does sound like the vampire plot could stand to play a larger role, though. You could easily do that by turning the vampire into a fourth main character, but that's not necessarily the best solution.)
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*nods* Okay. So you've actually already got a connection between your two plots. It's just a bit tenuous.

You're saying he poses as a vigilante, so I'm going to assume that also involves him actively saving people. He could (and probably would) use that to his advantage? Actions speak louder than words and all that. If he can't make them believe he's on their side because he's saying it, he could try and orchestrate for them to see his claims getting backed up. (Or, y'know, it could be random luck, but that kind of thing.)

Would that help any? (Sorry. I'm a bit pressed for time, so please do let me know if I'm not entirely clear. in what I'm asking and I'll try and explain better. ^-^)
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I'm glad it's helpful. ^-^ If he's getting good rep among the general public, one of (or all of) your other main characters might also come to suspect he's not all he appears to be and that could intrigue them enough to seek out your vampire to see if he's willing to help their side instead of the other way around. If that works with your plot, that would actually make it a stronger one because then both sides would actively be seeking something from the other.

[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith makes a good point, though. If they're in the same area, they'll be competing for similar resources. Even if they can easily keep to themselves (NY is BIG, after all), they'll have heard rumours and stories of other supernatural acts, possibly even groups, in the city. All things you can use to your advantage in drawing your characters together, though!
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I haven't read all the other comments, so this might be a repeat, but--maybe there could be some kind of magical artifact all factions want/need? Or possibly a person everyone's looking for because she could help them with their goals through some power or knowledge.
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Look for resources the vampires and mages can compete over. To identify likely options, consider what religions or political parties fight over. Money. Territory/real estate. Persons considered desirable or valuable. Then again, one group might be thinking about going public while the other wants to stay hidden.
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Re: Well...

>>I just need to think more about how they can use my characters as pawns.<<

Front companies. Bundlers -- people who solicit donations and then compile them for a political candidate. Anyone who fits a demographic different from the candidate's own -- so a male candidate might want a woman to hustle the League of Women Voters, etc.

Don't overlook good old gerrymandering and other political shenanigans. The mages will have the advantage in traditional techniques such as lobbying in government offices, which run primarily during daytime hours. Vampires will have the advantage in nightlife and other under-the-table scenes that run after hours; they may also have more money. And if vampires do have more money, they're likely backing the "money is free speech" movement while the mages are fighting to tear it down and put more control with individual voters again.
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Maybe (if you want the vampires to be the greater of evils) one of the vampires could be influencing the magical arms race?


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