A young teenage girl, moving into the (family's) old beaten down mansion with her mother after her parent's divorce, stumbles into a hidden room while unpacking.

After reading the mysterious book left open on a suspiciously witchy table, she realizes her ancestor was a witch, and that she has inherited her magical gifts! When trouble stirs around her new hometown, she uses her powers to solve the mysteries that come her way.


I'm having trouble coming up with her first mystery.

Should it deal with her new high school? An actual murder? Kidnapping? Theft?

Should she deal with paranormal creatures? Or should I stick with human foes?

Should her familiar be a cat? Or maybe have a crow following her when she goes to school/and or work?

Let me hear your thoughts!
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From: [personal profile] havocthecat

That sounds like a fun series! It sounds like you have a whole lot of groundwork to lay for your story. What helped me was writing a lot of different short stories to get the characterization and the backstory settled in my mind. The thing is, I think that some of these are really, really basic plot questions that you need to answer for yourself, because I can honestly tell you I'd be happy reading a novel with any of those options chosen.
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From: [personal profile] theoretical_cat

The plot is the hardest part for me.

Re: Familiar: Cat is really common. I mean, it's a classic for a reason, but it's everywhere. I think it'd be funny to have some kind of mythological creature, perhaps one that no one else can see. Could make for wacky hijinks, if it has a mind of its own.
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From: [personal profile] lea_hazel

In general, I'd say it's better to avoid murder or kidnapping for the first case. With a teenage protagonist, I think it's best to gradually escalate the level of threat she deals with. I know it takes a lot of suspension of disbelief for me when dealing with teen detectives, and I would like to believe that a heroine is smart enough and cautious enough to appeal to a more professional authority, in a case as severe as murder. Theft is good, especially if it's of something important, sentimental or magical. Blackmail is also good, especially over magical secrets. There is also the Lois Lane style mystery of trying to uncover someone's true identity.


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